Children’s Book Reviews – Owls – February 2013

Saturday, February 9, 2013
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This month’s book reviews for Owls are The Abominators by J L Smith, and The Mystery of Wickworth Manor by Elen Caldecott.

The Abominators – Year 3/4

The Abominators The Abominators are top of the class for mischief. When Cecil Trumpington-Potts starts Grimely East there is nothing more he would like than to be in the gang. But they have other ideas – they don’t want to be friends with someone they regard as a namby-pamby toff. They set Cecil three tasks that they think he has no chance whatsoever of doing. But what if Cecil succeeded? Would they have to let him become a member of the gang?
This is a hilarious story that will have boys and girls laughing out loud at Cecil’s attempts to be cool enough to be one of the Abominators acheter cialis. The book is packed full of brilliant illustrations.

The Abominators

The Mystery of Wickworth Manor – Year 5/6

The Mystery of Wickworth Manor

Curtis and Paige are two very different people who are thrown together on a school trip. They are supposed to be mixing with all the other children while canoeing, climbing and taking part in Art projects. However, when they find an old painting at the top of Wickworth Manor, they become involved in solving a mystery from years ago to do with the family at the manor. Could dreadful deeds to do with the slave trade have taken place? And can Curtis and Paige solve the mystery using their own different methods?
This is a brilliantly written book. There is an underlying serious tone but the story reads as a fun, action-packed adventure.

The Mystery of Wickworth Manor

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